Toosikannu Holiday Center was founded with the goal to offer first-rate services to our customers. We try to do that in the best possible way and always considering the wishes of our customers.

We offer a wide range of services; so everyone can find a suitable place for a party and enjoyable activities, as well as put together a menu that best fits individual needs and wishes.


We rent out different saunas, camping sites, and party halls. You can comfortably spend the night in the main building, in the barn house, in one of the small camping houses, in the big camping building, or in the Ale-Sepa Holiday Home.

Main house – here we have big party hall, Finnish sauna and exclusive trophy room. Here we can accomodate totally 52 people.


Barn house – this is our accomodation house. Five rooms with 18 bed places. all the rooms incluce shower/wc. On the second floor, there are big seminar room, equipped with all necessary equipment for maximum 70 participants.


Sauna house –  offers steam for groups out of 10 people. Here is Russian type stove sauna.


Smoke sauna – traditional Estonian sauna for maximum 10 people.


Island sauna – It situated on a small island. There are Finnish stove sauna and accomodation for 2-4 people.

Saare saun

Ale-Sepa Holiday home – there are two houses. A party house, where are big hall, seminar room, finnish stove sauna and wooden bath barrel. Second house is accomodation house for 40 people. It is brand new building, where are 20 rooms with 40 bed places. Two rooms prepeared for people with special needs.

You can find more Ale-Sepa Holiday home pictures here!

In addition to accommodation and renting out premises, we offer various activities, from forest hikes to shooting competitions at the Shootings Sports Center. In case we do not provide a service that a customer requests, we have excellent partners whom we can call for help and whose service quality we trust.


For children, we have set up playgrounds and sandboxes at our Holiday Center. When you arrange an event for children, we can also order different temporary attractions for children on demand.

Beside activities, we also offer catering to our customers. Our specialty is various wild game dishes; but also simpler meals can be found on the menu.



P.S. For customer satisfaction, services and catering are provided only when booked beforehand.

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