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Countryside Event Venue in Central Estonia_Toosikannu

The central territory

Welcome to Toosikannu!

Countryside Event Venue called Toosikannu has veen established in Central Estonia in 2005. The central part of the Toosikannu Holiday Center has been called the main complex and has evolved around the lake. Of course, the lake is very attractive and people love it. It takes about 20 minutes to walk around it and it’s average depth is 2,5m.

On the ground floor of the main building, there is a large Fireplace Hall, which can accommodate up to 64 people sitting behind tables and enjoying lunch or dinner. There is also a Hunter’s Trophy Hall on the ground floor.

The Hunter’s Trophy Hall features the Estonia’s largest collection of deer trophies. All trophies are from animals hunted by the owner of Toosikannu and come from every corner of the world. There is a cozy fireplace in The Hunter’s Trophy Hall and up to 26 people can be seated behind the long and solid table.

Various events, seminars and training can be arranged both in the Hunter’s Trophy Hall and in the Fireplace Hall. The halls are equipped with a CD/DVD player with a TV set.

Prices 2024

Accommodation in the main building, 8 rooms: 560 €

The Fireplace Hall, Trophy Hall and sauna rental:

For overnight guests: 400 € 

For non-overnight guests: 600 €

The rental of hot tube: 150 € 

Room in Granary House: 70 € 

Accommodation rates excl. breakfast. Check-out time at Toosikannu is 10 A.M.

For additional information and reservations, please don’t hesitate to contact us:   

info@toosikannu.ee I +372 489 8160

The main building has a electric-heated Finnish sauna, which can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. We heat the sauna according to the customer’s request. In addition, there is a large terrace and a hot tub. 

On the second floor of the main building, there are 8 rooms with accommodation for 32 people. All rooms have WC and shower.

In addition to the existing buildings, you can sometimes see tents and attics installed by customers for various events at Toosikannu territory. There is enough space to install them.

Granary House

The brand new Granary House was completed in May 2021 and has a total of 16 rooms.

Most of rooms have one double bed and one single bed, and the family rooms have a double bed and a bunk bed. Rooms are also equipped with a refrigerator, kettle, WC and shower. The doors of the rooms have convenient and secure code locks, and there is no longer needs to share a key. The Granary House can accommodate up to 49 people in total and 32 if people are staying in double/twin rooms.

Grill Gazebo

Between the main building and the granary house is a cozy grill gazebo. This is a pleasant and compact shed where you and your friends can have a good time and grill. The gazebo seats 15 people and has the necessary barbecue equipment, a barbecue bath, wood, and electrical equipment. There are unique thrones carved from massive wood.

Countryside Event Venue in Central Estonia_Toosikannu_Grill Gazebo

The Grill House

It is a large shed, which is ideal for friendly gatherings during summer events and for outdoor catering. The grill house seats up to 120 people, with ample room left for dancing. The grill house has a stage, a bar, sound equipment and gas heating system.

Band stage

Next to the Grill House, right by the lake there is the band stage.
The dimensions of the stage are 5x10m, height 3.5m. The height of the band stage flooring is 1.2m above the ground. The electric power is 125 A.

Countryside Event Venue in Central Estonia_Toosikannu

Camphouse and the cabins

A little bit farther away of the lakeside, there are the camphouse and 5 wooden cabins.

The camphouse is primarily intended as the accommodation of participants of summer events, held in this big countryside event venue from spring to autumn. There are two double bunk beds in all 18 rooms and can accommodate a total of 72 people.

The cabins are located in private on the edge of the grove, separate from the other buildings. There are a total of 5 cabins: 3 cabins have 3 double bunk beds; 2 cabins have 1 double bed and one double bunk bed. Five cabins can accommodate a total of 26 people.

Shower-house and cluster toilet

The customers staying by the lake are served by a large wash house having separate showers for men and women. Toilets and wash basins are located on the side of the wash house. There is another, smaller cluster toilet and wash basins behind the grill house. These facilities cover the needs of up to 400 people.


Countryside event venue can’t be imagined without saunas. There are various saunas by the lake, where you can enjoy and relax with larger or smaller groups. There are Sauna House with Russian heater, authentic Smoke Sauna, and Island Sauna with Finnish heater. You can find more information visiting the page of saunas.

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