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Snowmobile trips_Toosikannu

Snowmobile trips

Snowmobile trip will take place in enough snowy conditions❄️❄️❄️

We arrange on-request snowmobile tours from 4 to 10 double-seated snowmobiles, so we can take up to 20 persons to a journey you will not forget!

We will ride the snowmobiles in the forests and fields near Toosikannu. The route is chosen based on your group’s members driving experience. 
Before we set out, we’ll give you instructions and supply you with everything you need.
Tours can also be arranged at night. After the ride, you can relax in a sauna or spend the night in our new Granary House after enjoying dinner by the fireplace. 
An exhilarating experience is guaranteed!

Your safety comes first

We welcome riders from the age of 18 and presenting of a driver’s license proving the right to drive motorized vehicle is mandatory

The route will be chosen according to the customers wishes and driving experience. The tour is conducted by an experienced instructor or two, depending on group size.

Before the snowmobile trip, a mandatory driving and safety briefing for everyone will take place. The obligation to follow the safety instructions and comply with the safety requirements will be signed. From spring to autumn you can enjoy ATV tour.

Bring your friends and have an exciting winter day in Toosikannu!

Prices in 2024

One snowmobile for one hour 100€

One snowmobile for two hours 170€

Passenger 30€

The price includes the use of protective clothing, gloves, helmets and thermal rubbers. Minimum order: 4 snowmobiles, additional information: info@toosikannu.ee

Public snowmobile trips

Besides the preordered private groups, we sometimes arrange some public trips, please find them as events at our Facebook page. All requests are welcome by e-mail info@toosikannu.ee 

Snowmobile trips_Toosikannu

What else you can enjoy at Toosikannu?

We don’t have a restaurant and catering is available only on pre-order basis, but please don’t hesitate to contact us to preorder even for smaller group. Delicious wild game meat dishes are our specialty, but we also offer wide range on vegan dishes as well. 

The lakeside area in the hearth of Holiday Center includes the sauna house with Russian heater, smoke sauna, and island sauna. You can find more information about saunas on the page of saunas.

Here, at Toosikannu Wildlife Park  you can spot moose and red deer moving around. You can see them also during an arrival or departure. You can enjoy wildlife watching safari tours also by vintage bus PAZ, vintage truck GAZ66 or 5-seats UTV. Group tours should be preordered and will be guided and you will hear interesting stories about our wildlife park. You can also enjoy your wildlife watching safari by your own car booking it online. 

What else to do in Central Estonia?

And of course, you have a great opportunity to enjoy local sights as well. There is Adventure Park in Türi, Kirna Manor (read the STORY) is full of tulips, Bicycle museum at Väätsa, Dairy Museum in Imavere, Wittenstein Time Centre in Paide Tower, one of the best-preserving wooden church and Stroller Museum in Käru. One hour drive is to the Old Engineering Museum and Vintage Vehicle Storehouse in Järva-Jaani. Please find more information at local tourism website VisitJärva!