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A Holiday Center for events
and families

Spacious territory, many possibilities

Perfect place for bigger and smaller corporate summer and winter events and family  accommodation as well.

In autumn 2021 we opened Conference Center for 400 persons.

The Grill House seats up to 120 people, with ample room left for dancing. The Grill House has a stage, a bar, sound equipment and electricity.

In front of the Grill House, there is a lake you can have a nice walk around or swim. 

Outdoor activities all year round

We offer ATV safaris all year round, snowmobile trips and snowshoe hikes during winter.

You can practice accuracy and precision in an archery or at the Shooting Range. The vast area is perfect for adventure or teamwork games and frisbee golf.

There’s no better way to end a long day in the nature than with refreshing sauna.

For those interested in handicrafts we arrange deer antler workshops.

The biggest deer and wildlife park in Estonia!

Opportunity to see deer, moose, and roe deer here is substantially bigger than when just wondering in the forest.

Our forests are home for a diverse variety of large and small wild animals. In addition to already mentioned you might find come face to face with racoon dogs, foxes, and hare. 

Furthermore, we offer guided wildlife safaris on vintage trucks, buses, 5-passenger UTV or by bicycles. You can also enjoy wildlife safari tour by your own car, you are welcome to book it ONLINE🦌

Activities in the Toosikannu
Holiday Center

Peremajutus Järvamaal

Accommodation for events and families

We offer accommodation for up 220 people during summer, up to 120 during winter, and limitless outdoors camping area.

Conference Center and catering

Conference Center for 400 persons, catering for bigger and smaller groups. Our specialty: wild game dishes.

Mootorsaanimatkad Toosikannul

Outdoor activities all year round

There is no boredom with a variety of outdoor or indoor activities for different ages and group sizes.

Kuulitiir Toosikannu Lasketiirus

Versatile Shooting Range

There are many options for shooting practice, and with different shooting exercises.

Wildlife Park and safaris

You are welcome to discover wild animals in their natural habitat.

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