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Sauna house with Russian heater


Are you looking for a sauna with accommodation?

Come and enjoy our wood fired Russian sauna and accommodation – Sauna House!

Saunas are an integral part of our culture and with us it is possible to enjoy sauna experiences in several different saunas. It is especially healthy and useful to enjoy sauna after a hike or some other activity.

Here you can enjoy wildlife watching safari tours by the Soviet vintage vehicles like 25-seat bus PAZ, vintage truck GAZ66 or modern UTV with five seats. Tours should be preordered and are guided and you will hear interesting stories about our wildlife park. We also arrange different activities on the territory and around: ATV tours, and snowmobile trips during snowy wintertime.  You can pre-order testing your accuracy of your team at shooting range, or in archery(from spring to autumn). In addition, our partners are happy to arrange different adventure and team-building games.

Experiential sauna rituals in a sauna house

In a sauna house with a Russian heater, you can enjoy a sauna whisk (broom) ritual or an exhilarating steam ritual.

During the whisk ritual, you will take time for yourself and put aside everyday worries. The heat and gentle strokes reduce muscle tension and relax the body, while the sauna aromas and broom essential oils calm the senses, creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The whisk ritual lasts about 45 minutes in total. During the steam ritual full of experience, the sauna master gradually raises the temperature in an entertaining way, whistling and hardening of the body take place. The exhilarating steam ritual lasts about 10-15 minutes in total, which is just enough time to get everything you need from the sauna. This enjoyable experience is perfect for people of all ages.


Sauna house rent 400 €

Sauna house rent with ritual at your choice 930 €

Sauna house rent 500 €
23.&24.06., 24.-26.12. and 31.12-03.01.

Rates including sauna and accommodation for 10 guests without breakfast.

Check-in time is 2 P.M. and check-out time is 11 A.M.

What is a Russian heater and how it differs from smoke sauna?

A wood fired sauna with a Russian heater could be also called a “semi-smoke sauna”. The steam is similar to that of a smoke sauna, the sauna needs to be heated for a long time, and after the end of the heating, it cannot and should not be heated again. Fire and smoke pass through the heater, and the steam can be thrown only after the soot steam procedure. The temperature of the Russian sauna is lower than the usual Finnish sauna (about 60-70⁰), the heat comes from throwing steam and it makes the air very humid. We heat the sauna ourselves according to the desired time of the day. The Russian sauna is wood-fired, but unlike the smoke sauna, it also has a chimney and therefore there is less smoke. The sauna house includes also a lounge with a fireplace that can comfortably seat 15 people, a shower, and a toilet. There is also a small kitchenette with a fridge. The sauna offers beautiful views of the lake. You can descend directly from the terrace to the lake by the slide. For winter swimmers, there is an open ice hole during the winter.

Seats for 15 and matrasses for 10

The second, attic floor of the sauna house has one large sleeping area with places for 10 mattresses. Blankets, pillows, linens and 10 towels are provided. 

Of course, we also offer catering and in our menu, in addition to the more usual dishes, we offer a diverse selection of dishes made from the meat of Estonian big game. Various delicious game dishes are the undisputed favorites of our guests. For sure, we also serve snacks to the saunas. Russian sauna and accommodation by the lake is refreshing and relaxing.

See you at Toosikannu!

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