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Saunas In Estonia by the Toosikannu lake


2024 started the sauna century of Estonia!

There are three main types of saunas in Estonia and you can explore all of them at Toosikannu Holiday Center, in central Estonia. Wood-fired Smoke Sauna, wood-fired Russian sauna and wood-fired and electric-heated Finnish saunas. Three of them are by the lake, but there are wood-fired Finnish saunas and hot tubs at Ale-Sepa Holiday House and Karupahna Holiday Home.

Now are also sauna rituals available!

In Toosikannu, you can enjoy sauna rituals which offer real pleasure to the body and mind, allowing you to forget about everyday bustles. During the sauna ritual, sauna masters create a pleasant atmosphere, making it an exclusive and memorable experience.

You can choose a sauna experience in a smoke sauna or a sauna house with a Russian heater. In a smoke sauna, you can experience the joy of sauna as our ancestors experienced it. In a sauna house with a Russian heater, you can enjoy a steam ritual or an exhilarating steam ritual.

We are happy to create a customized package based on your event vision. Experiences are brought to you by Saunaelamus.ee

Prices 2024

Sauna house 400 €*

Sauna house rent 500 €*
23.&24.06., 24.-26.12. and 31.12-03.01.

Smoke sauna rent 300 €

Island sauna rent 150 €*

Island sauna rent 200 €*
23.&24.06., 24.-26.12. and 31.12-03.01.
*Includes sauna and accommodation, excluding rituals

Sauna house with wood-fired Russian heater and accommodation for 10 persons

The second floor of the sauna house has one large sleeping area with places for 10 mattresses. Blankets, pillows, and linens are provided.

We heat the sauna heater according to the customer’s request. Later additional heating of the sauna by the customer is not possible. 

The sauna house can be rented also with accommodations at Granary House for example.

Saunas In Estonia_Toosikannu Sauna House with Russian heater

The wood-fired Finnish sauna on the island with accommodation for 2 persons

The island sauna is designed primarily for smaller groups; the lounge can accommodate up to 6 people and provides sleeping places for two people. Blankets, pillows, and linens are provided. There is a fridge and simple – bowl washing conditions. The toilet is located outside from the sauna house.

We heat the sauna according to the customer’s request. The sauna can be additionally heated by the customers later.

Saunas In Estonia_Toosikannu Island Sauna

The wood-fired Smoke Sauna for 15 persons

The smoke sauna is a good example of our ancient sauna traditions. It gives sauna enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy the same sauna pleasures as our ancestors.

The authentic smoke sauna of Toosikannu Holiday Centre is located in a private area near a lake. The smoke sauna has room for 15 people. This is a great place to discuss ideas with a small group.

We can heat the sauna according to the clients’ wishes. It’s not possible to heat the smoke sauna later on your own.

There is a small landing on the lake near the smoke sauna – you can use it to dive into the cooling lake.

Toilet is separate from the sauna. Up to 8 people can sit on the terrace of the smoke sauna.

We heat the sauna according to the customer’s request. Later additional heating of the sauna by the customer is not possible. Estonian Smoke Sauna from South-East of Estonia is added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Smoke Saunas In Estonia_Toosikannu

Saunas in Estonia have long traditions and are integral part of our culture!

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