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Bullet shooting range in Estonia_Toosikannu

Bullet shooting range

Toosikannu Shooting Sports Center has a bullet shooting range, meeting all the requirements.

Here you can practice shooting a wild boar target from both a rifle and a smooth barrel firearm.

The bullet range is designed for shooting from 35m and 50m distance. We use the most advanced electronic target sheet system in Estonia. The electronic shot recognition system allows you to see the result immediately after the shot. This gives both shooters and spectators a good overview of the course of the shooting or the competition. The electronic target sheet system makes conducting shooting exercises quicker by eliminating the annoying sighting and sticking of the target sheet.

The electronic target sheet system is only usable with rifle shooting.

Bullet shooting, i.e. running wild boar

20 € / pp 6 series + equipment. The price includes equipment (a weapon, ammunition, goggles, earplugs) and supervision by the instructor.

All the activity in the bullet shooting range is conducted under the guidance and at the presence of a shooting instructor. The role of the shooting instructor is to ensure that customers follow all safety requirements and to guide shooting enthusiasts who are just starting out with clay target shooting.

Bullet shooting is a good active pastime that trains shooting skills, responsiveness, and accuracy. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline rush caused by shooting with your group, especially after a long day of seminars or training. We are also able to organize professional shooting competitions.

It is possible to carry out Estonian hunter’s shooting examination on the large game in Toosikannu Shooting Complex in cooperation with the Estonian Hunters’ Society. 

See more information in the Shooting test page.

We offer a shooting package, starting from 4 people!

Shooting package includes two different shooting exercises. As a parts of the shooting package, two clay pigeon shooting series of 10 shots and the 6-shot rifle series into moving wild boar target will be performed. Participants are guided by an licensed and experienced instructor.


40€ /pp. The price includes equipment (a weapons, ammunition, goggles, earplugs) and supervision by the instructor.

There is no hunting allowed at Toosikannu territory.