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Banquet halls and accommodation in the main building

Are you looking for a banquet hall with fireplace and accommodation?

Welcome to Toosikannu!

Toosikannu Holiday Center was established in may 2005. when the first holiday house was built on the basement of the barn of the former Käru manor’s Toosikõnnu cattle farm. As it was the first one, it was called Main Building and first clients were hosted in 2007.

Main building was transformed and former party hall was reopened as a Fireplace Hall in the end of 2022.

This large and bright banquet hall with fireplace can be used for events and catering for up to 64 people.

On the ground floor of the building you will find a smaller banquet hall with fireplace, Hunter’s Trophy Hall

The Hunter’s Trophy Hall features the largest collection of deer trophies in Estonia. All trophies are hunted by the owner of Toosikannu and come from every corner of the world. Some trophies can be found in Sauna House, Ale-Sepa Holiday House, Karupahna Holiday Home and in the Island Sauna. 

There is the sound system and 65-inch TV-set in the Hunter’s Trophy Hall and Fireplace Hall.

Connected to the hall, there is a Finnish sauna with an electric heater, which can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. We heat the sauna according to the customer’s request. In addition, there is a large terrace and a hot tub.

Accommodation in the main building

Accommodation in the main building is available only with halls rental

Regular Rooms

On the second floor of the main building, above the Hunters Trophy Hall, there are 8 rooms with accommodation for 32 people in maximum All rooms have bathroom and WC. These rooms are included in the price of central territory(complex).

Superior Rooms

In 2023 when main building was refurbished, four new rooms were added to upgrade accommodation level. There are three twin rooms with skylights and one elegant DeLuxe on the second floor of the Fireplace Hall. DeLuxe is not included in the price of central territory(complex) and rooms can be booked when having event in Fireplace Hall.

Saunas by the lake

In addition to main building sauna with electric heater, there are various sauna houses on the lakeshore, where you can enjoy a relaxing sauna with larger and smaller groups and you can even stay overnight. The lakeside area includes the sauna house with Russian heater, smoke sauna, and island sauna. You can find more information about on the page of saunas.

What else to do in Central Estonia?

And of course, you have a great opportunity to enjoy local sights as well. There is Adventure Park in Türi, Kirna Manor (read the STORY) is full of tulips, Bicycle museum at Väätsa, Dairy Museum in Imavere, Wittenstein Time Centre in Paide Tower, one of the best-preserving wooden church and Stroller Museum in Käru. One hour drive is to the Old Engineering Museum and Vintage Vehicle Storehouse in Järva-Jaani. Please find more information at local tourism website VisitJärva!

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