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Island Sauna

Island sauna for two and more

The island sauna is located on a tiny private island in the middle of the lake and is a classic old school wood-fired Finnish sauna. You can enjoy the island sauna and accommodation for two in a secluded and private way. For winter swimmers, there is an open ice hole during the winter.

Island sauna and accommodation for two in Estonia_Toosikannu

The sauna is designed primarily for a small company; the lounge can accommodate up to 6 people and sleeping places at the loft are provided for two people. Blankets, pillows, and linens are provided for two and towels for six persons. Other guests can stay overnight at the Granary House.


The Island sauna rent 150€

Saare sauna rent 200 €*
23.&24.06., 24.-26.12. and 31.12-03.01.
Rate includes sauna and towels for 6 and accommodation for two excl. breakfast. Check-out time at Toosikannu is 10 A.M.

There is a fridge wood-fired fireplace and simple- bowl washing conditions. The toilet is located separately from the sauna.

Heating the sauna

We heat the sauna according to the customer’s request. If needed, the sauna can be additionally heated by the customers later. During the winter time it takes time and that’s why you can’t book a sauna for the same day.  Island sauna and accommodation for two is a romantic getaway.

Saunas are an integral part of our culture and with us it is possible to enjoy sauna experiences in several different saunas. It is especially healthy and useful to enjoy sauna after a hike or some other activity.

After-sauna activities

You can enjoy wildlife watching safari by your own car. If you have a company at least of 4, you can enjoy different activities on the territory and around: ATV tours, and snowmobile trips during snowy wintertime.  You can pre-order testing your accuracy of your team at shooting range, or in archery(from spring to autumn).

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