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Hosted events catering

Welcome to Estonian largest Holiday Center and Wildlife Park!

Delicious game dishes of venison and moose are our specialty, but we offer wide range on vegan dishes as well. We we do not run a cafe or restaurant on a daily basis, but please don’t hesitate to contact us to preorder even for smaller group. There is only one hour drive from Tallinn.

Catering, focused on hosted events

We cater both large events at the Toosikannu central territory as well as smaller events at the Karupahna Holiday Home or Ale-Sepa Holiday House. We also serve preordered breakfast at the accommodation. We also offer catering at the meetings and events in the Käru Tavern.

Variety of menus available

Our menu offers a varied selection of dishes made from game, living in Estonia. Festive dinners prepared of moose and venison can be ordered all year around and are the undisputed favorites of our guests. 

The kitchen has a large BBQ oven that allows us to prepare a BBQ- pork, -lamb, – beaver and wild boar.

We also offer delicious dishes of pork, fish and poultry. All the game dishes are prepared on site.

Special menus

During the summer period, from 01.05. to 30.09. we offer a special summer events menu. Christmas menu will be available from 01.11.2023 to 31.01.2024 for 10 persons in minimum.

Is the game meat any better than a beef?

Venison and moose meat contain as much protein as beef and many times less fat and more than three times more potassium to keep you heart and nervous system in order.

Excellent taste experiences are also provided by locally made moose-meat pies, smoked sausages and hams made from venison.

Home-made half-smoked sausages can be bought as a takeaway, ask your Sales Assistant or service personnel.


The clients are welcome to consume drinks purchased only from Toosikannu Holiday Center. Our selection of drinks is diverse, and it is expected that everyone will find something they like. During the summer period, we also offer our guests a selection of draft drinks.

However if the customer wants to bring their own drinks, a cork fee of 5 € per person will be applied.


The halls of our Conference Center are perfect for organizing conferences as well as festive events and catering with round tables, depending on the layout, for up to 260 people. As a reception for almost twice the amount.

The banquet hall of the main building has become a Fireplace Hall and is perfect for catering up to 64 people as well as organizing events.

The Hunter’s Trophy Hall is suitable for organizing a catering event, seminar or training with up to 26 participants. There is a long and sturdy table, a fireplace that creates a cozy atmosphere, and a unique and magnificent collection of hunting trophies.

Enviromental notice

We care about the environment, and that’s why we only use biodegradable food containers and cups, which are certified according to the requirements of EVS-EN 13432, and we compost them in Väätsa Prügila.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@toosikannu.ee or using REQUEST FORM