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Shooting range in Estonia_Toosikannu

Shooting range

Welcome to Toosikannu versatile Shooting Range!

Our shooting range provides many options for shooting practice with different exercises. We can turn your corporate event, birthday or another event into a thrilling and adrenaline-fueled activity.

The activities taking place here are strictly supervised by the shooting instructors. All activities should preordered at least 24 hours before desired time. Shooting enthusiasts who have not previously held a rifle will get the necessary safety training before heading to the action.

Our shooting range is located behind the lake in the main complex and is rounded by warning signs and barriers. The shooting takes place in the direction of the forest and does not disturb other guests.

Shooting range in Estonia_Toosikannu

Shooting is a good activity that trains shooting skill, reaction and accuracy. This is a good opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline-filled shooting with the corporate team, especially after a long day of meetings or training. We are also able to organize professional shooting competitions.

Clay pigeon shooting:

We have two Compak Sporting tracks and an A-Trap track. The Compak Sporting track has 6 markers and 5 shooting ranges.

The bullet range

In our bullet range, there are 35m and 50m tracks with unique electronic target sheet and scoring system.

In the bullet range, you can perform Estonian official big game shooting tests. Toosikannu Shooting Range is a member of the Estonian Hunters Society.

We offer a shooting package, starting from 4 people!

Shooting package includes two different shooting exercises. As a parts of the shooting package, two clay pigeon shooting series of 10 shots and the 6-shot rifle series into moving wild boar target will be performed. Participants are guided by an licensed and experienced instructor.

Price of shooting package in 2024

40€ /pp. The price includes equipment (a weapons, ammunition, goggles, earplugs) and supervision by the instructor.

There is no hunting allowed at Toosikannu territory.