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Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting can be called the main discipline at Toosikannu Shooting Range. There are actually many options for shooting practice at our ranges. You can turn your summer days, a birthday or any event into a thrilling and adrenaline-fueled activity.

At the our Shooting Range it is possible to practice shotgun shooting as shooters have two Compak Sporting tracks and one Auto Gate shooting course at their disposal.

The Compak Sporting track has 6 target throwing machines and 5 shooting positions. The targets are thrown from the machines in different directions, and the shooter must hit them using a shotgun. 5 targets are attempted to hit from one shooting position, the last 2 of them flying at the same time. Sporting exercise mimics the flight paths of game birds in a hunting situation, which makes sporting exercise an exciting and spectacular shooting event.

There are 5 shooting positions on the auto trap course and one target throwing machine throws targets in different directions.

Shotgun exercises are performed from 12 caliber smooth-bore hunting guns. It is possible to rent IZ type smooth-bore weapons and the necessary ammunition on the site at the clay target shooting complex. We use 24g or 28g shotgun shots suitable for sport shooting. All shooting range activities are strictly supervised by shooting instructors. Shooting enthusiasts who have not previously held a gun  will receive the necessary safety training before heading to the shooting range, and the shooting instructor will guide the shooter from the side and help the shooter at gaining their first experience.
Toosikannu Shooting Range is capable of organizing simple entertaining shootings at its shooting ranges for seminar customers or for the active leisure time of party groups as well as professional level competitions.

Trap shooting

30€ /pp 10 series. The price includes equipment (a weapon, ammunition, goggles, earplugs) and supervision by the instructor.

In co-operation with the Estonian Hunters Society, we assess large game shooting tests for hunters. See more information in the Shooting test page.

We offer a shooting package, starting from 4 people!

Shooting package includes two different shooting exercises. As a parts of the shooting package, two clay pigeon shooting series of 10 shots and the 6-shot rifle series into moving wild boar target will be performed. Participants are guided by an licensed and experienced instructor.


40€ /pp. The price includes equipment (a weapons, ammunition, goggles, earplugs) and supervision by the instructor.

There is no hunting allowed at Toosikannu territory.