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Wildlife watching safari

Welcome to the wildlife watching safari at Toosikannu! 

Wildlife watching safari or animal observation is an exciting and unique activity. A fun trip awaits you just about in one hour drive from Tallinn.

Our Wildlife Park is not a zoo, you can observe game in the nature and they themselves decide, when and how they will show up. Guest are welcome upon prior reservation.

Before you visit us, please take a look at the story and recommendations of the Wildlife Park.

Guests can observe many wild animals that are most common in Estonian forests. In addition to red deer, the population of moose, roe deer, and many smaller animals have found comfortable home in our wildlife park and the possibility to see them is a lot higher here than when you roam in a regular forest. In terms of birds, we may see a black stork and a white-tailed eagle, if lucky. Don’t forget your binoculars and cameras!

Wildlife watching safari by your own car is during the summer events season from 15.06 to 20.08 opened with restrictions! The best season for wildlife watching is winter, when deer gather to the feeding areas.

Guided wildlife watching safari

You can enjoy wildlife watching safari tours also by vintage bus PAZ, vintage truck GAZ66 or 5-seats UTV. Tour will be guided and you will hear interesting stories about our wildlife park.

Come and test your skills as a tracker or try your luck in capturing a unique animal photo!

Duration of the tour is about one hour, number of participants is 5-24.

Prices in 2024

Vintage bus PAZ (max 24 pers.) – 18 €/pers. Minimal number of participants is 11 people.

Vintage truck GAZ66 (max30 pers.)- 18€/pers. Minimal number of participants is 25 people.

Safari on a UTV Polaris for 1-5 people 150 €

Safari by your own car – ONLINE BOOKING

During the summer, it is more likely to see animals in the early morning or late evening.

You can enjoy wildlife tour also by your own car or minivan. Tour lasts about 1-1,5 hours and the track is marked with arrows. The length of the observation circle is about 8 km. and there are 5-6 feeding grounds next to it, where red deer gladly gather in poor times for fresh food.  Online-booking is available up to 14 days beforehand.

Prices in 2024

Wildlife watching safari for one car(up to 5 seats) 20 €

Wildlife watching safari for one car(up to 7 seats) 30 €

Wildlife watching safari for two cars(up to 5 seats) 40 €

Wildlife watching safari for two cars(up to 7 seats) 60 €

Please insert your car`s registration plate number into extra service window and arrive precisely in time.

Attention! Picking up antlers from our territory is not allowed. If you want to make a piece of deer antler jewelry for yourself, you can do so with the company at our deer antler workshop.

What else to do in Central Estonia?

And of course, you have a great opportunity to enjoy local sights as well. There is Adventure Park in Türi, Kirna Manor (read the STORY) is full of tulips, Bicycle museum at Väätsa, Dairy Museum in Imavere, Wittenstein Time Centre in Paide Tower, one of the best-preserving wooden church and Stroller Museum in Käru. One hour drive is to the Old Engineering Museum and Vintage Vehicle Storehouse in Järva-Jaani. Please find more information at local tourism website VisitJärva!

Welcome to the Central Estonia!

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