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Discgolf Course in Midland of Estonia_Toosikannu


Toosikannu has a 9-lane discgolf course, which will be extended to PRO-level 18-lane course for September 2024.

Please, book discgolf course beforehand, because the course is often booked in connection with some corporate events.

Disc golf is a good recreational activity, it can be played individually or as a team. The game is also ideal as an active break in the seminar. You can play all year round, because the discs are in cheerful colors and easy to find. The starting point of the field is in the immediate vicinity of the main building of the recreation center. Disc golf doesn’t require any training or great physical fitness.

About the game:
Discgolf is a golf game with a flying disc, where the task is to get the disc into a special basket with the fewest possible throws. Toosikannu 1 km. the long disc golf course has 9 baskets, the total length of the courses is 622 meters and the PAR of all courses is 3. Discgolf course maps can be found HERE.
There are 45 pairs of discs for rent on site.


3 € / 3 h Use of course

4 € / 3 h Equipment set (putter+driver)

20€ Damaged or lost disc

Disc golf is a competitive sport and a smaller social competition can be organized here as well. Disc golf official rules and other tips can be found HERE.

And if you’ve already come to Toosikannu… why not try your dexterity on the shooting range, driving skills and balance on an ATV or snowmobile trip?

After the game, it’s nice to relax with your friends in our saunas or enjoying dinner by the fireplace in the tHROPHY hall. As well as the use of the disc golf course, we also offer catering and other services for groups and by reservation. In our menu, we offer a diverse selection of dishes made from the meat of Estonian big game, and they are the undisputed favorites of our guests. On a daily basis, we do not run a restaurant or cafe.

Since Toosikannu is the largest wildlife park in Estonia, you can also go on a wildlife watching safari with a Soviet-era GAZ truck, a PAZ retro bus or a modern 5-seater UTV.

And you don’t necessarily have to drive home in the evening either, because you can stay in Granary House all year round.

A kilometer from the heart of the Holiday Center is the Karupahna Cottage, which is suitable for organizing summer or winter days for smaller groups, for seminars or just having a good time.The Karupahna holiday home is equipped with all amenities and is suitable for up to 12 overnight guests:

The holiday home has a kitchenette with all the necessary equipment and utensils. The living room with an open atrium has a large table around which 12 people can sit comfortably.

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