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The Marksman ST-2 shooting simulator allows you to practice computer-based shooting and hunting skills in a variety of situations. The simulator exercise truthfully mediates real hunting situations, allowing you to sharpen your shooting skills and accuracy in a sustainable way.

The shooting simulator can be used to perform rifle shooting exercises by simulating bear, wild boar, elk and deer hunting or target shooting exercises. A variety of exercises are also designed for the smooth-bore weapon – practicing shooting skills in clay bird exercises, simulating shooting flying targets with Sporting, Trapp, Skeet exercises. 

The simulator program allows you to choose from a variety of calibers, ammunition. In the case of smooth-barrel weapons you can choose chokes.

The simulator is unique in that it also allows to use the shooter’s personal rifle or smooth-barrel weapon, which is integrated with the simulator program, to carry out shooting exercises.

After completing the shooting exercises, you can create leaderboards and analyze the exercises with the help of a computer and instructor.