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Snowshoe hikes

The snowshoe hikes are 2-3 hour hikes with the tour guide in Pidapa or Kastna bog which are about 10km from Toosikannu.

The Kastna bog is an East-Estonian type bog with numerous marshes and an enchanting bog pine forest.

The Pidapa bog is a bog with fewer marshes and a thicker forest cover. The Pidapa bog is part of the Linnumängu protected area.

During the hike the participants explore what species of fauna and flora can be found in the bog and enjoy the variable bog landscape.

Clothing should be chosen according to the weather. As for footwear, rainproof hiking boots or rubber boots are the best suited.

It is also possible to order a picnic basket to take with you on the hike. The hike through Pidapa swamp ends at a resting place where you can make a fire, eat soup and have a good time in the embrace of nature.

Preferable size of the group should be around 10-23 people.


25 € per person, incl. snowshoes

8 € Snowshoe rental