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Toosikannu House Rules

Dear guest,

These Toosikannu House Rules apply and are mandatory for all our guests.

House Rules

Guests are welcome to the Toosikannu Holiday Center and Wildlife Park upon prior reservation.

Parking takes place on the territory in stationary parking lots or in areas marked appropriately by the event organizer.

Flying drones is only allowed with prior agreement.

Catering for parties and groups is only available upon prior reservation.

on the territory of the Holiday Center, it’s forbidden to consume your own alcohol (i.e. bought outside the territory of the Holiday Center).

Wildlife Park

You can book a wildlife watching safari in advance from our sales department or online.

We expect a respectful attitude towards our residents and ask not to disturb the animals.

Collecting antlers from our territory and feeding animals is not allowed.


It is not allowed to store indoors flammable and explosive substances and objects that are harmful to health.

It is not allowed to leave self-brought electric heaters and other devices unattended in the accommodation facilities.

Pets must not endanger or disturb other guests and the owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Dogs must be on a leash or in a cage on the territory of the Holiday Center and in a cage in the accommodation facilities.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is allowed only in designated and marked places.

Grilling and bonfires are allowed in designated areas, subject to safety requirements.

Doors and windows must be closed when leaving the room, the Holiday Center is not responsible for personal belongings, money, valuables, and documents left in the room.

Property, furniture, and public order

Throwing garbage or damaging green areas in any other way is prohibited.

It is forbidden to move and remove the furniture of the Holiday Center without permission.

The guest of the Holiday Center bears material responsibility for damage to the property of the Holiday Center.

If an item is broken and/or lost, it is the responsibility to inform the contact person of the event as soon as possible, and its cost will be reimbursed according to the cost of the replacement item.

The premises must be handed over in the same condition as they were before use.

Upon discovery of property violation and/or taking, the contact person of the Holiday Center forwards a list of the damage with evidence and a demand for compensation to the event organizer within 14 working days after the event.

The installation of decorations, candles, posters, etc. in the premises and territory of the Holiday Center must be done in a way that does not damage the property of the Holiday Center. All installed objects must be removed by the organizer after the end of the event.

Getting the event out of control, vandalism, disobedience, or other such activity entitles the representative of the Holiday Center to terminate the event immediately without making any refunds and to claim damages caused by such activity from the event customer.

Twigs shall not be used in saunas.

Accommodation rules

Check-in at Toosikannu is at 2 P.M. and check-out is at 10 A.M.

The Holiday Center guarantees the client the confidentiality of her/his personal data in relation to third parties, except in situations arising from the law.

Lost and found objects are handled according to the procedure for handling lost and found objects.

Welcome to Toosikannu!