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Karupahna Holiday Home confirmation letter

Welcome to Toosikannu!

You have booked accommodation at our Karupahna Holiday Home, which is located a bit further from the heart of Toosikannu.

Accommodation price includes: bedlinen, towels and post-stay cleaning, also firewood and preheating of sauna and hot tube once during your stay. Arrival time (Check-in) at Karupahna is from 2PM and we ask you to leave(check-out) latest 11AM

If you have ordered breakfast, we will deliver it to you in advance in the refrigerator so that you can enjoy it in the morning at a time that suits you.

If you have ordered snacks or game meat products, we will deliver them to you by 18:00 on the day of arrival.

We will heat up the sauna and hot tub for you on arrival day by 6 p.m. If you want to cancel or change the time, please contact us at info@toosikannu.ee

We will also contact you to specify additional service requests and the handover of the house key.

Please don’t rely solely on your navigation devices, especially when arriving from a south-west direction.

Since the Karupahna holiday home is located in the Toosikannu Wildlife Park surrounded by a fence, the Karupahna can only be accessed through the Toosikannu main gate, other access roads are closed. Therefore, we ask you to navigate first to Toosikannu Holiday Center using Google Maps, and please use the Tallinn-Rapla-Türi-Viljandi road to arrive, there is a big road sign and the gravel road to Toosikannu turns at 78 km post. If it seems that you are in the wrong place, first navigate in the direction of Käru and when you reach the Tallinn-Viljandi road, select Toosikannu Holiday Center. Once you have entered the gate that opens with the button, please follow the signs or navigate to Karupahna.

Karupahna Holiday Home has all the amenities and is suitable for 10-12 people size groups or for two families:

You can find the description and photo gallery of Karupahna HERE.

Have a pleasant stay and forest experience!

Toosikannu Holiday Center an Wildlife Park

P.S. At our website www.toosikannu.ee/en/ you will find more information about accommodation and other activities, available for groups.

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